Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pre-launch - Lunchtime

Just to say firstly...the Research presentations yesterday went fine. A couple of interesting points that were raised - I''ll just jot down:

- how do you research those that do not normally respond to research?

- importance of fast feedback and bite-size research

The Qualitative vs Quantitative thing came up a little and there was a bit of debate on this.

Two representatives from Hewlett were there and seemed friendly and constructive. Talked to Sarah who is the liaison person with Hewlett and was pivotal in building the relationship and helping to get us the project. She was quite excited about the launch and I felt the buzz myself despite that kind of restrained English thing.

This morning we had a briefing about the event tonight. K gave a briefing to the team about how to be good hosts/ambassadors etc. It felt a bit like the type of staff briefing you would find in an episode of West Wing. Much of it was straight out of Dale Carnegie, "How to Win Friends and Influence People". There were some bits that made me feel slightly embarrassed or that I don't quite agree with but I will certainly go along with the spirit of the thing.

In terms of being aware of all the things to do with the project the area of weakness for me is probably the Creative Commons license...I shall try to get to understand this better. I think I can pretty well remember the funny numbers/targets

-900 by launch date - looks like we've made this
- 5400 in two years
$4.45m with $4.45 pending
$1m from OU

9s seem to dominate these numbers

Labspace - got a feeling this is 5100 but cannot remember

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