Thursday, May 03, 2007

At the OCW conference

16:30 At the Open Courseware Consortium conference in Santander getting near to the end of the second day of the course and some delegates are getting up to give good ideas. Battery is running low so may not have long to write.

Recommendation for new starters - visit someone else that already has one going such as MIT and TUFTS (and us of course at openlearn).

CORUS - group of students in Asia, Africa, USA. How to present open course to difficult and resistant institutes or countries. Course for 'mankind'. More discussion on usage.

Number of courses being studies - not just potential students - pick and combine materials as their own courses...this is what people often do with text based systems. Annotating and adding metadata a tags to data.

Aggregate, collate, all resources that exist.

Quoting former tutor form MIT 'Why are we here...two reasons - one it to have interesting ideas...the other is to make music'. Education allows us have to good ideas. Next year the group will have to fit into the stadium and Pedro will have to make music for us.

Talk about languages...start learning Spanish...see brochure on the table. Everyone in the world to be comfortably fluent in two languages.

Closing Remarks

Shortly we will be having a session where people will be able to present their projects. I shall be going along to this with Laura and others from the team.

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