Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Night Before

Here I am in Copenhagen - such great public transport! I am still putting together my slide show and have just been collecting any emails from work and tyring to get hold of some up-to-date bog standard statistics (need to check how many courses we now have - think it is over three hundred). Here is a key element list that I need to follow in order to polish up things...a to do list if you like:

1. Re-read paper for examples of contradictions - make notes and create 1 or maybe two slides on this.

2. Need to introduce basic elements of activity theory properly

3. Put website address on slide show - prominence

4. Include some bog standard stats

5. Look through slide show to identify new areas to tackle

6. Do a talk through - probably best to have two of these...must watch time

then take it from there....How much of this I will do tonight I don't know...will probably work for about an hour before relaxing with a drink...and then maybe some on the morrow.

Andreia is also presenting in UTAH so I hope here session goes well - perhaps she can blog me....that's a good idea perhaps I can get her to guest.

Spoke to two interesting people from the Copenhagen Business School who are hosting the event...try to find out a little more about them tomorrow.