Thursday, December 20, 2007

Diary of a Day

11:12 I am trying to put together a list of users for a reminder email about filling in the online questionnaires. There are two directed at low users and one at high users (greater than 30 mins total time on site - ab out 50% of registered users). To do this I need to filter out those that have responded or sent emails saying they are unable to presently fill in the questionnaire. There are some other bits and pieces I need to do to try to ensure I do not re-email those who have already responded. It is however impossible to ensure for certain that there will not be a few who receive an unnecessary email. My aim is to reduce this to a minimum if possible.

At the moment I am some 10 questionnaires short of my desired 1500 received by Xmas. This reminder email should ensure I reach my personal target.

I am just about to go to a talk at KMI which I shall try to blog:

Coping with the complexity of pedagogical mediation in distributed learning environments: effective e-teaching and e-tutoring strategies in the web 2.0

Paula de Waal, University of Padova, Italy 20/12/2007, 11:30am, KMi Podium