Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Referencing A Blog

I have been finishing off a paper but wanted to reference the blog of the OpenLearn conference.

The link is

It was not that easy to obtain the information needed: the closest I got was in terms of how to reference a general web page although I did find some guidance about referencing blog entries. The journal required that I use the Harvard referencing system so I looked up their guidance which included a link to a guide at exeter university. This was OK in terms of web pages but really I wished to distinguish it as a blogging event. I was then directed to the Open University website by a colleague, Mariano, which gave advice about referencing and did indeed include how to reference the blog. There were however problems in that I did not wish to cite just one entry, but all the entries that related to the conference. So there was really no single, but many authors. Another difficulty is that there seemed to be no clear page title so I settled on the title OpenLearn2007 which was the end part of the URL address...see above. Finally the reference that I thought was most appropriate to the journal guides and requirement was:

OpenLearn2007 (2007) Open content holistic research environment, [Online] Available: [12 Feb 2008].

This is based on the Harvard method and that required for the paper (there seem to be variations in the Harvard system itself).

'Here are some interesting points made by a friend and eLearning Researcher, Rebecca Fergusson (Research Essentials):

I found the earlier version easier to understand, because it stated that it was a blog. I know the criteria for Harvard don't include 'being easy to understand' but I feel that, when the style guide is not entirely clear, it's best to go for the option which is going to be most helpful and informative.

I don't know if this is relevant, but I have seen JonKatz's piece, 'Luring the lurkers', which is essentially a blog posting, referenced in the following ways

2. Katz, J. Luring the Lurkers.

Katz, J. (1998) "Luring the lurkers." [On-line]. Slashdot, 29 December 1998. [On-line]. Available:

[8] Katz, J. Luring the Lurkers, available at, 1998.


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j said...

Lol wtf is with that massive list?!

Anyway, I came across your link in google while looking for referencing help - thanks. Then later I found this handy little tool that made the whole list for me, I just had to type in the details. Just thought I'd share it for others:

Harvard Reference Generator

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